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Amrita Park mead is made using seasonal ingredients, so each batch is different. Throughout the season we release small batches that are available as a limited release for purchase online, or at special events. Join our Mead Club to be kept in the loop, and the opportunity to purchase these limited releases online. They sell out quick, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Every season brings exciting new flavours.
Here are some of this season’s offerings.

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Every season and every batch brings with it exciting new flavours.

Traditional Mead.

Our Traditional Semi-Sweet Meads are created using South East Queensland avocado flower honey that is warm and rich in flavour and has distinctive buttery, floral, molasses and dried fruit notes on the palate. Each season varies with its own unique flavour.

Sweet Mead

Our delicious sweet style meads are crafted with a fusion of dark avocado flower honey and fruits such as sweet caramelised Lady Finger bananas.

Local Forest Honey Mead

Every season we offer a traditional Semi-Sweet Mead created using honey harvested from hives located in local rainforests.

Jaboticaba Mead

Our semi-sweet style melomel displays a lovely fruit forward palate with an enhanced tannin finish brought together with distinctive Maleny forest honey sweetness. Amrita Park produces and sources first class local jaboticaba berries for our signature jaboticaba mead, each season offering its own unique flavour.

Ginger & Lime Mead

Another one of our signature blends, the Amrita Park Meadery Ginger & Lime Mead is a favourite. Lovingly crafted using raw eucalypt honey, fresh local ginger and ripe, in-season, Tahitian limes. Available seasonally.

Semillon Pyment

This semi-dry Semillon Pyment, created with light Kureelpa forest honey, displays smooth custard apple and pear notes with a distinctive buttery oak finish that highlights the expert blend of honey and fruit. Each season offers its own unique flavour.

Sparkling Mead

Amrita Park now produces sparkling meads in a variety of flavours. Each batch is unique and is available in limited quantities. See our latest flavour release.

Amrita Park Honey & Condiments

Homemade marmalades and jellies as well as our own range of raw, untreated honey, fresh from the hives.

“Drawing inspiration from his mead making grandfather, Dennis “Poppo” Coates, Andy has honed his skill to keep the tradition alive and add his own spin to the mead making process.”


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